AbslomRob's Watch Collection

This was a $29 gamble. It cost me another 25 in parts to get it working properly, but that's still a reasonable price for a good watch. The original axel snapped somehow, and the whole watch was probalby shoved into a drawer; the damage to the plates is at least partially due to the poor oil which broke down and starting eating at the finish. But after a clean and oil, it's keeping good time, so it's a solid addition to the collection!

On Rotor: BENRUS WATCH Co INC. Swiss Model DO 15 Seventeen 17 Jewels Unadjusted On Dial: Benrus {three stars} Selfwinding Swiss On back: Selfwinding - Waterproof - Dustproof Benrus Stainles Steel Back Series #7155 Open with blade On pillar plate (dial side) 897 On pillar plate (gear side) 81 On Balance cock AXZ