AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Its nice when you can fill a hole in your collection without straying too much from your idiom. I came across this Benrus bumper on the bay and paid more then I'm normally willing to spend, because this fit so nicely. The movement is a Benrus DT-15, which is based on the AS-1302. Unlike most Benrus watches, there doesn't appear to be any indication anywhere of the ebauche caliber, just some otherwise cryptic nubmers stamped on the top plate. The rotor has a nice curved edge to it that's a bit different from the standard model. I'm guessing this was the "start" of the 3-Star line.

On Rotor: BENRUS WATCH Co INC. Model DT 15 Rotor Bridge: Seventeen 17 Jewels Swiss Unadjusted On Dial: Benrus {three stars} Selfwinding Swiss On back: Selfwinding - Waterproof - Dustproof Benrus Stainles Steel Back Series #7835 Open with blade On pillar plate (dial side) 034 On pillar plate (gear side) 36 On Balance cock AXZ