AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Purchased this at an antique show mostly becuase I was intrigued by the 39 jewels. The model probably dates to the mid 50's, which is when they were having a bit of a "jewel war". The base model comes with 17-25 jewels; they up the jewel count on this by adding a series of jewels underneat the date wheel. These are "technically" functional, but in practice are useless and only serve to allow them to legally claim a higher jewel count. However, the movement itself is fully jeweled, so it's still a nice, high quality watch.

Physically, this watch shows signs of having been WELL used over its life.

On Rotor: BENRUS WATCH Co INC. Swiss Model FR 45 Thirtynine 39 Jewels Adjusted Two 2 Positions On Dial: Benrus {three stars} 39 Jewels Selfwinding Swiss On back: Selfwinding - Waterproof - Dustproof Benrus 10kt Gold Filld {L in circle} On bottom plate: 1581 1641 P 8