AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Benrus Model BB-4

This watch came with just the movement and the caseback. The caseback indicatest that the bezel would have been a rolled gold type. Will have to keep my eye out for a suitable home for this. The design looks old, and I don't see any recognizable markings on the movement back that would indicate the model. I suspect, from the design, that it's older (pre 50's, maybe even 40's). Bestfit claims that the BB line used the ETA 900 (matching the 965 under the dial), but most other ETA900's I've seen don't have shock aborbers (which this one does). The shock absorber is only on the balance cock though; there's just a cap jewel on the dial side. Bestfit lists it simply as "Benrus Old".

Train Bridge: Seventeen 17 Jewels Benrus Watch Co Moel B 4 Barrel Bridge: Swiss Unadjusted Case back: 10k Rolled Gold Plate Bezel Stainless Steel Back 692885 Inside Case Back: Cased and Timed in U.S.A. By the Benrus Watch Co. Benrus Bottom Plate (Gear side) H81 900 Bottom Plate (Dial side) {ETA} 965