AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Welcome to my vintage watch collection!

I started playing with the pocket watches in my grandparents kitchen nearly thirty years ago. I never really thought much about the innards though, and I stopped wearing watches entirely when I started carrying cellphones and palm pilots. I'd always loved the look and feel of a pocketwatch though, and when my wife bought me a Tissot for our 10th anniversary, I decided to try to repair my Grandpa's old Waltham. Thus started my fascination with the minurature mechanical marvels we call watches.

The world of vintage watches is about more then gears and springs; watches, watchmakers and watch companies tend to be inconic representations of the era that they lived and worked in. Through the crystal of a watch, we can glimpse a tiny piece of the past, and maybe even a bit of the future too...

So far, my collection is mostly composed of fairly pedestrian movments, but its still young. I'm adding more watches all the time!