AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Bulova Accutron 218D

Found this in a antique store, and decided I needed to have a tuning fork watch in my collection. Probably overpaid, but its a nice looking watch. The internet turned up a copy of the original service manual, so I ripped it apart and cleaned it. They don't make the batteries for this anymore, so I had to source a replacment that may or may not power it correctly.

Took a while to get this going, after finding an Accutron Watchtester and a batch of Bulova parts at an auction. Learnt quite a bit about putting these together; the calender works is one of the smartest and easiest versions I've worked on yet.

The 218 was the successor to the original 214, and was made with more varients, including date, date/day, etc. This varient is date-only, and features a quickset for ease in setting the date.