AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Bulova Accutron 2193.10

This watch was presented to my Uncle Paul Spencer in 1977 to commemorate his 20 years of service to Firestone, Canada. Interestingly, it lists his start as 1955, which means his 20 years would have been in 1975, but the watch (and movement) date to 1977, so they must have given it to him later.

The Accutron 219 series came out in the mid 70's, as the quarzt crisis was ramping up (and destroying other watch companies). This movement seems to reflect a ... simplification of the design, which was probably an attempt to make them cheaper. Only one coil assembly now; the other tine of the fork resonates sympathetically. Which, apparently, is enough. The circuit board seems more like a modern board too. A newer innovation is a circuit cut-off that allows the watch to be stopped without continuing to drain the battery (unlike the "hack" in previous versions, which simply disengaged the pawls). Biggest downside to the design is the absence of a jewel on the dial-side fourth wheel plate, which has a tendancy to wear fairly quickly. NAWCC experts recommend replacing it with the jewled version off a scrap 218. Which I may do down the road.