AbslomRob's Watch Collection

The Bulova Collection

The Buolova corporation was started by Joseph Bulova in 1875 as the J. Bulova Company (a jewelry store), and was renamed "Bulova Watch Company" in 1923. Recognizing the potential of the new wrist-watch market, they began making their own watches in 1912. The combination of both American and Swiss manufacturing facilities allowed the company to grow and prosper through WWII to be one of the dominant forces in American watchmaking. The introduction of the Accutron in 1960 sealed their place in watchmaking history, but this has tended to overshadow the value of their mechanical lines to many collectors.

Like most watch companies, the quartz crisis hit Bulova hard. In 1976, with losses mounting, control of the company was purchased by Stelux, a Hong Kong manufactuer. The hope was to generate some synergies between Stelux's exlectronics manufacturing capabilities and Bulova's sales and marketing position. However, these synergies failed to materialize and as losses continued, control of the company was acquired by Loews corporation in 1979. This, at least, allowed Bulova to avoid the fate of its American contemporaries, and while they ceased to manufacture their own watches, they were still a legitmate watch company. In 2008, they were purchased by Citizen; a move that takes them farther from their American roots, but is somewhat closer to their watchmaking pedigree.

The Mechanicals

Based on typical Swiss eubaches, Bulova had first-grade manufacturing facilities in both Switzerland and the United States, and turned out excellent quality watches that are usually available for a decent price these days, due to collectors focused on Accutrons.

Dress 11ALC

A simple, silver watch with a nice 18 jewel movment; very classy

Auto 10CSC

Another simple 50's design, but autowind and sweep second.

Fancy 10BT

An older 50's design with sub-second

The Accutron

The accutron was developed by Bulova engineer Max Hetzel, and revolutionized the watch industry when it debuted in 1960. The first true electronic watch, it represented a radical depature for watches in general and in some ways foreshadowed the coming Quartz crisis. Production ceased in 1977

Accutron 2193.10

The last generation of hummer, in a classic 70's look.

Accutron 218D

My first hummer; what collection would be complete witout a tuning fork watch?


In addition to their higher grade Mechanical watches, Bulova also sold lower-grades of watches (often using movments from other manufacturers, including (prophetically) Citizen).