AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Pointer Date watches were extrememly popular in the fiftees, and Benrus had several models. This one is the smaller day/date version. The base movement is the robust ETA 900 series, with a specialized pointer date module that allowed the date to be quickset. The shockprotection on this is minimal; there's only the benrus shock module on the movement side, with the standard cap jewel on the dial side. THe date module is very simple, but it's seems to stick a bit in operation.

Case Back: Benrus Stainless Steel "Hackley, Fe. D. 460.06.24 U.S. Navy 1951 Inside Caseback: Cased and Timed in USA by the Benrus Watch Co Benrus 646025 Dial Benrus Bridges Swiss, Unadjusted Seventeen 17 Jewels Model CE 3 Benrus Watch Co Inc Under Dial: {ETA} 900 719