AbslomRob's Watch Collection

This watch shares the case design of my EO 44, to the point that I can swap the case in and out. Might be useful, that, since only one of them has the bezel part. Check the before and after dial shots though! I suspect the original dial had a laquer of some kind put on it, but when i soaked it for a bit in soapy water, it all came off, leaving a quite pleasing look. Well, better then the original at least. May look into applying a new laquer coating.

Ranfft's database lists this ETA caliber as the first ETA with a rotor (Etarotor). This doesn't have a standard incabloc though; it has a "Benrus Endurable".

The interesting case seems to have been an attempt to make a "simpler" waterproof case, and not really designed to allow the bezel to be swapped.