AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Eaton (254872)

I found this particular Eatons pocket watch on the 'Bay, and I wasn't originally sure it was actually an Eatons pocket watch. The dial is noticably different, and there's no movment engraving. However, even from the eBay pics I could see the distinctive Gallet regulator, so I took a chance. Design wise, although this is a bar movment (compared to the other 3/4 plate models), everything else is nearly identical to the earlier Gallet's, including the screwed-in pallet pivots, setting lock screw and keyless works. So I'm confident it's a Gallet, which puts the serial quite more recent then the others. It's not in the best shape though; I had to scavent parts to get the crown wheel working, there's no crystal, and the hands are quite rusty. I also noticed that one of the bridges has a different serial on it, although it matches the rest of the movement. Plates are nicely chamford and clean.