AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Eatons Omega (2459435)

Model 19 Status
Caliber Unknown Cleaned and Oiled, October 2011
Size 16s
Jewels 17

The two Eaton's branded movements I have are both really nice quality pieces, so I've taken to actively looking for more to add to my collection. I found this one on Kijiji for $100; a bit above my normal price range, but worth the effort (and the drive) to get it. They didn't have a movement photo, so I wasn't sure what I was going to get.

Right off the bat, even on the ad, I noticed that the "E" logo was different. My other Eaton's pocket watches use a smaller "E", and the diamond box is shadowed underneath.

My other Eaton's used Gallett movements, but I wasn't surprised to find that this had a different movement in it, given the dial difference. But I was certainly happy with what they did use instead: an Omega 19!
Interestingly (as with another, smaller Omega jobber I worked on last year), the top plate references Patent 8760, but I'm not sure if this movement actually uses it

Like the other Omega, this movement is a breeze to work on; I love the complete lack of tiny springs for the click and keyless works. Unfortuately, this movement has gotten a bit mangled in its history; the dial side balance jewels had one screw broken off in the hole, and the other missing. I was able to find a replacement for the other side, but I'm not happy about having only one screw holding down them down. I also suspect the minute hand is a replacement; it probably needs to be a spade like the hour hand. But all the plate serial numbers line up, and the dial is in pretty good shape, with only a few hairlines. The case (a 20yr gold filled hunter) has a bit of brassing, and the lid is bent back a bit, but otherwise opens and shuts solidly. The serial number is from Omega, and dates this to around 1904. All around a great addition to my small, but growing Eaton's collection!