AbslomRob's Watch Collection

I picked up this Renown from a seller in Saskatoon, on the assumption that since it was in Canada, it was probably one of the ones sold by Eatons. What intrigued me (despite the fuzzy pics) is that the Renown line was mostly a "discount" watch line, so I was curious what a 25j automatic version would look like. Turns out, it looks pretty neat. It appears to be based on the "Durowe 570" caliber, and has what looks like a "duroswing" shock system on the dial side. Oddly, the balance shock system is different, which could suggest a swap or it may be related to in-house modification by Bravington. It runs remarkably well for a lower-end line of watches. The autowind module is completely independent of the base movement; there's just one pinion that extends down to interact with the ratchet wheel. Down side is that its a fairly thick watch. Caseback using a different case wrench style than I'm used to; dunno if that's its german heritage? Dial is a bit worn, but full of character.

Dial Renown 25 Selfwinding Shock Resistant Caseback: Waterprotected Stainless steel back Rotor 25 Jewels Caseback: Waterprotected Stainless steel back Rotor 25 Jewels