AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Eaton's Solar Sunburst

Since I started collecting Eaton's pocketwatches, it was really only a matter of time before I expanded into Eaton's house line of wristwatches. I jumped in at the shallow end though with this funky and aptly designed Solar 21 in its cool looking sunburst case.
From the case design, I'm assuming this is a 70's (or later) model. The caseback shows nothing except what appears to be rub marks from some form of one-piece strap. The movement is an FHF 55, which I can can't find much information on. 21 jewels is a lot for a non-automatic, but it doesn't look like they've done anything crazy to get there, just lots of cap jewels in the easy-to-cap areas. I question the value of capping only the dial side of the pallet fork though. I guess it'd have looked odd as a 22 jewel watch, 21 being the magic number.
Not a lot else to say about it really; it runs well and looks clean. I'm at a loss as to what kind of strap would suit it

Dial Solar (Sun logo) 21 Incabloc T-Swiss Made-T Inside Case Back: Stainless Steel Back Swiss Mainspring Bridge: Swiss 21 Jewels Bottom Plate: (FHF} 55 ON Bottom Plate (Dial side) (FHF) 55