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Eaton's Solar (Felsa 4000N)

A continuation of my foray into "Solar" branded watches, this nice automatic iss probably from the late 60's.
You can barely tell, but the T-Swiss-T will likley draw your attention to the very small dots of lume at the ends of the markers, and the thin line of lume on the hands. Inside is a Felsa 4000N that looked pretty clean. This was a nice movement to work on. The autowind module is integrated into the bridge, but is still mostly separate from them (you could, if you wanted, removed the rotor and gears and use it as a simple manual wind, but it would be obvious to look at). It's a 21j, and nicely finished for what it is; a simple, reliable watch for the discerning consumer. The autowind uses a fairly simple wig-wag gear with surprisingly few moving parts. Not sure how efficient it is, but very nice from a servicing perspective. The whole clean and service only took me about an hour total (not counting drying time). The trickiest part is keeping track of the screws; of the 6 main bridge screws, two are designed slightly different (head thickness, mostly). The mainspring click is secured by one of the barrel bridge screws. The fourth wheel has a curious coaxial design I don't quite understand the purpose of; I assume it has something to do with driving the second hand pinion.

The watch came with a link to the past when you look at the inside case back. The case (and I'm willing to bet, the movement) was supplied by Gallet, the same company that provided the Eaton's company with most of its Swiss pocket watches in the early 20th century. Given that Eatons is explicitly mentioned in the history on Gallet's website, I'm seeing a depth to that relationship that's almost surprising given the typical nature of watch companies and retail companies.

Dial Solar (Sun logo) Automatic T-Swiss Made-T Inside Case Back: Gallet and Co Swiss Rotor: 21 Jewels Swiss Made Bottom Plate: {F} 4000N ON