AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Bought this so that I could get an automatic Waltham into rotation. I'm unsure about the lineage of this though; unlike my other "International" Walthams, this one doesn't indicate anywhere on the movment that it was made for Waltham. The "Waterproof" mark on the caseback suggests pre-1969. The movment comes out through the crstal (despite having a screw-back), and is secured by the dial. The rotor perfectly fits inside the back case. This suggests that both the dial and the movment are original to the case. So probably "legit", just odd. PUW is a german movement company, which syncs with the "Roberta Watch Company, German" inside the case back. During the transition from Waltham Mass to Waltham Delaware, they used to import clocks from Germany, so this may date to that era.
Got a new roller table for the balance - the package says its a "Gruen no. 51 - 362 1 Piece Roller Complete"

Dial: Waltham 17 Jewels SelfWinding Caseback: Base Metal Bezel Waterproof Stainless Steel Back Shockresistant Antimagnetic Inner caseback: Roberta Watch Company Germany Rotor: Seventeen 17 Jewels SWC-R-H7 Bottom plate: PUW 1360 Patented