AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Grandpa's Waltham 13,938,547

This is the watch I used to play with in my Grandparents kitchen. I had it repaired once in college, and wore it for several years until it stopped working again. After see what was done to it, I'm not surprised. Lesson learned: take your vintage watches to a real watchmaker, not a mini-mall hack.

Once I finally got around to working on this, I found that the "oil" used on the keyless works and winding gears had completely dried to the point of needing to pry off some of the wheels. The mainspring itself was broken and immobile. That wasn't the worst bit though. The escape wheel jewel must have been cracked, but instead of just replacing the jewel (which I'll grant is a lot of work), he drilled out the whole setting, and pushed in a brass replacement (which includes the jewel). Quick and cheap, and at this point, he might have even asked me if I wanted to do that. Back in first year college, I can imagine I'd have been unwilling to pay a lot to have it done right.

Anyway, I borrowed some parts from a donor watch, and got it back working again. The caseback is severly cross-threaded, so I'll try to avoid taking it apart again for another 5-10 years.