AbslomRob's Watch Collection

  • Added some Benrus' (Benri?)

    I picked this up earlier in the year off the bay because I couldn't hardly call myself a Benrus collector without one, and the price was decent, but my first attempt to clean and service it didn't yield a working watch, so I shelved it for a bit. This weekend, I decided to give it another go, and through a combination of more experience and possibly luck, the results have been ticking away on my wrist happily for most of the weekend. The watch is engraved with a date of 1951, which seems right for the model and case design. I'm not a big fan of gold hands/indices in a stainless case, but I'll live with it. I'm good like that.

    I've seen a lot of watches similar to this one; it must have been their most common model. The movement is a CE-3, which is based off the ETA 900. The date module is marvelously simple and effective, with a date quick-set by pushing in the crown. This involved adding a spring inside the movement (under the mainspring barrel), and slightly modifying the keyless works (mostly the setting lever). Changing the day is the standard 9:00 - 12:00 dance. The date quickset doesn't work too well; it'll advance a couple of times, then stop working until I pull out the crown and fiddle with the time a bit. Seems like something is getting bound up inside, but can't see where. Minor, 'cause I don't need to change the date that often. Shock protection is the older Benrus type.

    Case is odd for this era though; it's a three piece snap fit not unlike older pocket watches (i.e., you have to load the movement into through the front and secure it with case screws at the back). Might be because of the date module; it's surprisingly thick (with an extra-tall cannon pinion and seconds bit to reach through the dial). Or possibly they felt that with the crown-activated quick-set, they need to ensure that the movement was firmly seated.