AbslomRob's Watch Collection

  • Pair of Russians

    Although I only have one picture so far. Both are retail versions sold through Canadian stores. The one I have pictured here is a typical Raketa 2609HA (I'm told the H in the model name designates the models designed for foreign retail). I've got a couple of these, actually; they must have made quite a few of the exact same watch. Note the SU on the bridge, which I'm told signifies "Soviet Union" (and differentiates it from later versions which say "RU" for "Russian" after the fall). The shockprotection on these is a bit annoying; although it looks similar to the Incabloc, the shock spring on the balance isn't "hinged", it just slides in. That part is easy enough. Its the spring on the escape wheel that's annoying, mostly because of the size and the difficulty in compressing the spring to make it fit under the edge of the hole.

    The other watch (which is still on my bench) is a classic Molijna, but is labeled "Marathon". Marathon is a Canadian company that I'm more familiar with as a provider of Gallet made movements to the U.S. Military. I'm not sure if this "marathon" is related, or if it's just a "name". But the finish on the movement is quite decent compared to some.