AbslomRob's Watch Collection

I hadn't even realized Benrus made a pocketwatch; they had often used to advertise their wristwatches as "better" then pocketwatches. Still, they were businessmen enough not to neglect a market niche. This movement is extremely thin and light, which is actually a negative in a pocketwatch; it needs to have some weight so that it'll slide into your pocket easily.

The ad copy above is dated 1939. There's a number on the movment (146) that doesn't seem to relate to the movement model, and I"ve seen other AW3's with different numbers there. Suggests it might be a serial of some sort, although I'm not sure why this model would have one when no others do.

Dial: Benrus Inside Case Back: {Star} Stellar 10k RGP 8233476 Barrel Bridge: Swiss Unadjusted Model AW3 Train Bridge: Benrus Watch Co Inc. Seventeen 17 Jewels Bottom Plate: 953 146 Bottom Plate Dial Side: {ETA Logo}