AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Benrus Round Dress Watch

This watch has a case design unlike any I've seen before. The whole bezel (including the lugs) slides right up and off the main body of the watch. The crystal slides partway down the side of the front of the case, and a small metal retaining ring holds the movment down in the case.

The dial is going to take quite a bit to fix, but I was pleasently surprised by how clean the movement looks. Its an 13''' ETA 967, according to the stamp on the bottom plate. I can't find any trace of this movement in Ranfft's archive or Bestfit though. Closest I can find is the 1100 series, but mine has a different shock protection. In fact, it seems to have two different types; the escape and third wheel both have something similar to an incabloc, while the balance has something else. I'm also curious about the lume; there's no indication of radioactivity levels, so either it was using something non-radioactive, or it's pre-50s.