AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Various life events have conspired to keep me away from my watches for a while, but I got this Solar Pocketwatch in from the 'bay a couple of weeks ago, and that gave me the push to get back into it.

The watch intrigued me from the start, because I typically see "Solar" as a wristwatch brand (at least, when it's not the Chicago based "Solar Watch Company"). So if this is an example of the Eatons brand, it's probably fairly early, and may represent a bridge between the older "Eatons" (or "E") branded pocket watches, and the more consumer-focused Solar line.

Inside is a Unitas 343. Bestfit shows it to be based on the Unitas 143, but I'm not sure what the difference is. And I can't find much on either of those on the internet. According to Bestfit, it could be either negative or positive set; this one is positive. Interestingly, it's in a Canadian made case, so at this point Eaton's was still importing just the raw movement and doing their own casing, as per the older Eatons pocketwatches. The Art-Deco-ish case and "2 Adj." label make me think this comes from the late '30s.

Not sure if Gallet would have been behind this; there are some aspects of the finishing that harken back to the earlier Gallet made pocketwatches (the cap-jewel arrangment for one, and the design of the one-piece crown wheel for another), but I'm not sure how much those things would have been influenced by the Unitas ebauche. Oh, and it's only a one-piece train bridge (cock?); the cut between the escape wheel and fourth wheel is decorative; the plate is joined along the edge. And the dial on this is surprisingly thick and heavy; maybe 2-3mm thick, with a link-texture on the reverse side. The front edge of the pillar plate is raised, so the dial is somewhat "contained", which suggests that the dial shipped with the movement.

Dial Solar (Sun logo) Automatic T-Swiss Made-T Inside Case Back: Gallet and Co Swiss Rotor: 21 Jewels Swiss Made Bottom Plate: {F} 4000N ON