AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Swiss Waltham (Felsa 4009)

WIth autowind and day-date complications, this watch gives me all the "standard" complications, and will probably be the last "international" Waltham watch I'll buy. The "Shockresistant" text on the dial is at odds with the
"Shockprotected" text on the caseback, making me think this is a transplant. The case is a bit mangled, so I may transplant it again.

The rotor has an odd (X) on it; I'm not sure what means. There's also a "UT" stamped on the dial side of the bottom plate. I've seen UT stand for Unversial Time, and could be the mark of the factory.

Dial Waltham 17 Jewels Self-Winding Shockresistant Case Back: Stainless Steel Back Swiss WALTHAM Waterproof Shockprotected Inside Case Back: Waltham Watch Co Swiss Rotor: 17 Jewels Swiss Made Waltham Watch Co Seventeen Unadjusted (X) Bottom Plate: {F} 4009 Bottom Plate (Dial side) UT