AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Timothy Eatons Company branded watches

The Eatons stores were an icon of the Canadian retail landscape, with the Eatons catalogue a staple of households across the nation. Eatons sold everything, including watches! Some of the more interesting pieces are their private label watches; the company had such a strong presence that they were able to make deals to use some of the finest movements within the watches sold under their brand name, with names like Omega, Gallet, and Rolex being commonly cited.

Gallet - 177698

A typical 16s watch in its original swing-out case

Omega 19 - 2459435

A fullsized watch based on the Omega 19 caliber, with a different version of the "E" logo

Gallet - 245872

A later 16s model Gallet, but similar design features; possibly from the 30's

Omega 6s - 2060222

A smaller hunter watch from Omega, this one has a significantly different keyless design from my other Omega jobbers.

Gallet - 131323

An 18s model with an interesting full-plate design unlike anything I've seen before.


The "Solar" name was registerd (in Canada) as a trademark in 1914, and the brand seemed to come and go throughout the years before becoming their "standard" house brand. For the most part, Solar branded watches represented mid-to-high quality movements. The basic Ebauche seems to change frequently though. Most seem to have been finished by Gallet, but some (branded "Solar Aqua" or "King of Wings") contained Tudor movements from Rolex in the distinctive Oyster case. I don't have any of those, alas, and probably never will so long as people continue to misunderstand the difference between a Tudor and a Rolex.

Solar 21j "SunBurst"

A newer watch, probably from the 70's. Very apropos case for the brand. High jewel count for a manual wind.

Solar Felsa by Gallet

Classic, functional auto with a good quality movement.

Solar Unitas Pocketwatch

Early Solar branded pocketwatch, in a classic style.


For the budget-minded, the Renown brand encompassed all that was cheap in watches. Some of these were actually decent 17j watches, but the bulk were pin levers, 7j levers or dollar watches. Few have survived, as most people would have treated them as disposable. The "Renown" brand was registered in London to "Bravingtons", which is intersting becuase I've seen Bravington engraved on some ratchet wheels. But Eatons advertised them as "Their" brand. I'm doubtful a Canadian company would tread on a British trademark, so I'm assuming that Eatons had some form of "exclusive" arragement to retail Renown watches.

25j Automatic Durowe 570

Solid, but simple German automatic.