AbslomRob's Watch Collection

The 20's weren't a good decade for Waltham. Poor management led to a divide between the workers and the mangement. Wages for the workers were constantly being "tinkered" with as they tried to get as much productiveity for as little money as possible. This culminated in a five month long strike that spanned 1924/25. It also makes watches manufactured in this era somewhat suspect, quality wise.

This particular watch seems to be in good shape, for a 7 jewel movement; there's no visible wear on any of the bushings. There is evidence of lume, which is somewhat worriesome since in that era, the lume would likely have been Radium. The lume on the hands was complete gone, though, and the resulting blue-steel skeleton is actually quite nice.

In classic Waltham style, all the bridges and plates have serial numbers, but not the mainspring barrel.

Dial: Waltham Inside Case Back: Illinois Watch Case Co. 10kt RGP Bezel Stainless Back 7060607 3/0 Case Back: I.W.C.Co Base Metal Lever Bridge: 880 513 Balance Cock: 80513 Train Bridge: 880515 J Top Half Plate: 23880515 Bottom Plate: 880515