AbslomRob's Watch Collection

During the war, Waltham built A-11 spec watches for the U.S. Military (model 10616-C-S-12). That was based on the model 6/0 B-SS. They kept making them after the war (decades of failing to invest in newer machines really didn't leave them much option); they just cased them in civilian clothes. Standard Waltham attitude; just keep using the same technology over and over again. This watch claimed to be a 6/0 C, but sports the same nifty hack feature that stops the escape wheel and a indirect seconds hand. Best of all, it also has shock protection, which surprised me. This is the first and only Waltham I've seen with Shock Protection. The seller claimed it was from 1948, but I have a Waltham Movment Material Guide from 1948 that doesn't include this variant, which made me question the date on this. The bridge only has the last 6 digits, and my original was that the serial was 33,050,780. That, however, no longer seemed to fit. A member of the NAWCC guessed that the first 0 is actually an O, and that the real serial was 33,450,780. The grey-book entry for that serial seems to match this watch, so I'm fairly happy with that.

The movement is very nice, even if the case and dial are relatively plain. This watch came with a spiedel bracelet and a presentation box (but no papers). The bracelet was a bit short, but one of the members on watchuseek.com (Scott from TimesOfPlenty.com) was able to send me some extras, for which I'm extremely grateful.

I'm not convinced the box is original to the watch, but I got the whole kit for under $30, so I'm not too fussy. Shuggart '02 lists a watch that looks like this as $60-125. That could mean nothing though, since it doesn't mention the movment. This variant wasn't very common; Waltham had laid off most of their workers in late 1948, and was gearing up for bankruptcy in 49. The NAWCC Database shows ~20,000 made.