AbslomRob's Watch Collection

Waltham Model 83 (4,031,742)

Picked this up in a pawn shop for $30, "non-running". Just needed a good cleaning, and runs like a charm. At 1889, its the oldest watch I own. The case is very nearly mint, except for a ring of brassing on the back. The movement, on the other hand, showed a surprise. The movement bottom plate has a different serial number then the rest of the movement. This is mostly noticable becuase the case screws on the top plate are at 5 and 8 o'clock. The changed that to 5 and 11 o'clock in later versions of this model. That's why you only see one case screw in the back. Its the right plate for this model, just a later version, but it somewhat ruins the authenticity, and I suspect the jewels in the bottom plate are synthetic jewels (unlike the original version, which would have had real jewels). I can tell from the marks in the case that this case used to have a screw in the 8 o'clock position, so the case is probably original to the movment, and the bottom plate was replaced later for some reason. Not sure if I want to drill and tap a hole in the right place for this or not. I already have an 1883, so I'll probably attempt to sell this at some point. Its in beautiful condition, regardless of its history.